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Residual Income

A lot of people are realizing that it will be very benificial to develope a residual income stream or two. I know a lot of people who have residual income streams. Personally I am involved with a few different businesses.

I've developed a directory that I would like to promote you in.

How do you promote your residual income stream? Especially if this isn't your main source of income.

In the past few months, I have heard a lot about the importance of quality link backs to your website. I'm not talking about the people who are constantly emailing me to exchange links on their website. For those, you usually become a link on a tragically long list of names.

Recently I have been introduced to a little known web extention, dot tel. it's like .com or .ca but better.
The reason they aren't well known is also one of their main benifiet. .tel extentions are a unique twist to online directories that reside above the DNS. For those who aren't computer programmers or know what that means, basically, that since it resides above the DNS, there is no need for your .tel site to be hosted so most hosting companies don't sell them because they really make their money on the hosting.

Because I have a few residual income streams, I was able to get to help promote my MLM businesses. I also have a lot of friends who have residual income streams so I thought that I would list them here too.

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Why should I do this?

The beauty of the .tel extention is that your listing will have 3 quality links to your website. This will help you to raise your ranking on Google. For the best results, if you are able, you should also link to your .tel listing from your website, Facebook, email singature or your own .tel (if you have one). This will drive more traffic to your listing which will also help your Google ranking.

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What will this all cost me?

The cost of being listed in is quite reasonable. We know that you probably have this residual income stream to earn extra money. We don't want to take that away from you. The cost of being listed will be only $3.50/month plus applicable taxes.

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