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What does two aunts get for their niece's 1st birthday that will last a life time..Our favourite photo on a piece of time..The clock!! Its the perfect gift for the perfect person.Always wanting to give unique gifts this one tops them all..Thanks Keven.

Jody Carter


"I am so grateful for Anything on a Clock's "Goal Setting Clocks!" They are the perfect gift for my corporate clients and are so well received! I never have to look for another corporate gift...what a relief. Thanks Anything on a Clock for your wonderful idea."

Lauren MacLauchan
LOA Training Room

"I stumbled across this web site awhile back, and talked with the owner who so generously made me a gorgeous clock with a picture of hubby and I that I sent him via email! This wonderful clock came yesterday, and it is beautiful! I love it so much and will cherish this for years to come!"

Heather Doitte
Cool Canucks

and please, check out her blog

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Anything on a Clock

“Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back.”
Harvey MacKay

Have you ever heard the saying "Out of sight, Out of mind"?

At Anything on a Clock, we use your photos, images, and even your logos and make them into custom wall clocks. This keeps you, your children and/or your business in sight and on the minds of those who matter most to you.

Every clock that we produce is individually hand crafted. What this means to you is that your custom clocks will be unique. Even if you get multiple clocks of the same image.

Our clocks are not only produced by hand but are also thoroughly examined by hand for quality. We won't send out a clock if we wouldn't want it hanging in our kitchen or office.


A testimonial from Glen Murray and Glen Whitmore

Baby and Family Clocks

Birth Announcement Clock

Shortly after the birth of our son, we started Anything on a Clock. Our first clocks were Birth Announcement Clocks. From there, we went to Baby Photo Clocks, then Family Clocks, and now, the sky's the limit.

At Anything on a Clock, we know that your child's grandparents are just as proud of your child as you are. They are probably asking for photos all the time. For this reason, we have developed a couple Multi-Clock Packages just for you. To Find out more about our Multi-Clock Packages, please check out Hot Deals page.

CFL Clocks

During the summer of 2008, we supplied player clocks for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. They sold clocks both in their stores and online.

Mid way thru the 2010 season we started working with both the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats sell them through their online store where as the Saskatchewan Roughriders sell them in both on their online store and in their retail stores.

At Anything on a Clock, we look forward to continue working with the CFL teams during this upcoming season.

Chris Getzlaf Clock

Other Sports

Golf Clock

Getting a Hole in One is as rare as a blind squirrel finding a nut. With our Hole in One clocks, you can have your photo, a photo of the hole or both made into a clock. We can even supply you with a spot for you to display the lucky ball, a copy of the score card and even the golf course's ball marker.

Parents work way too hard to spend their hard earned dollars on sports photos of their sons and daughters, just to put them in a drawer at the end of the season. Anything on a Clock will give a useful alternative to a young athlete's photo.

Business Clocks

Did you know that the average person looks at the clock 30 times per day?

A clock on the wall of your most valued clients will keep you and your company in their sight and on their minds all day long.

When running a successful business, we know that it is important to track your sales goals. At Anything on a Clock, we have developed a line of clocks where you track your goals and progress directly on the clock. Sort of like a "sales thermometer."
You can easily update your progress and change your goals and targets as often as necessary.

Business Clock


Fundraising Clock

I was always taught that it is better to give than to receive. At Anything on a Clock, we have 2 different fundraising programs.

If you are a non-profit organization or a youth sports team, we would like to talk to you about making a web page just for you. any clocks sold from your web page, we will donate $10 to your organization.

Occasionally thru out the year, we will be having a "Charity of the Month." The "Charity of the Month" will get part proceeds of every clock sold by Anything on a Clock during their month. .


At Anything on a Clock, wie like to work with local photographers to give them another option to display their art.

One of the photographers that we work with is Karen Learmonth of Amber Light Photography.

Amber Light Photography

Real Estate

Housewarming Gifts

Are you a Real Estate Agent who is tired of giving the same old housewarming gifts?

If so, you may want to look at what we at Anything on a Clock can do for you. We have developed programs specifically for realtors that are designed to make your housewarming gift purchases easier.

Do we make round clocks?

One question that I get all the time is "Do you also make round clocks?" The simple answer to this is "NO." I come from a photography background and from all of my experience, the one thing that is common with all photos is that they are all rectangular. For this reason, we decided that our clocks should also be rectangular.

As you will see in the samples below, with a rectangular clock, we have the option of putting the clock face anywhere that we want on the photo. This way the clock face should not interfere with the main subject in the photo. With round clocks however, the first thing that you have to do is make the picture square, basically eliminating a good portion of the image. Then you have to make it round taking away the corners of the picture.

Our custom clocks aren't perfectly proportioned to the image that you take with your camera. We do however use more than 96% of the image taking a bit off the ends, leaving most of the background in tact. A round clock however uses only 52% of your picture taking away most of your background and in a lot of cases, a good portion of the main focus of your clock.

The other main drawback with round clocks is that, because you are eliminating so much of the photo, in most cases you have no control over where the post holding the hands and the numbers are placed. I think you would agree that the last thing that you want to see is the hands coming out of your baby's mouth or the numbers covering your subjects' faces.


Our personalized clocks

Their round clocks



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